Technique of the Week:

Open Stance – Punch with Backleg Round Kick
Closed Stance – Punch with Turn Kick

With help from our wonderful Cookie Monster ðŸª (Brooke)

For Beginner Belts (use an open stance):
1. Throw a fake punch, but remember to sell it! Stop halfway through. Make sure your other hand is answering the phone.
2. While your opponent attempts to block your punch, attack with a backleg roundhouse kick.

For Intermediates and Advanced Belts (use a closed stance):
1. Throw a fake punch. Sell it! Stop halfway through.
2. While your opponent is focused on blocking your punch, spin in the opposite direction into your turn kick.*

*When you are spinning, think of the motion you use when turning on a traditional lawnmower. Grab and twist your body in a fluid motion.