Technique of Week:

Back fist with Ridge Hand šŸ¤š to Groin Area.

For Beginner Belts (Gold and Orange):
1. Stick with the previous technique of the week (Back fist – Ridge Hand)
Review: Slide-up roundhouse kick, back fist, and following through with the ridge hand.

For Intermediates and Advanced Belts:
1. Start off in your fighting position with right leg in front.
2. Throw your left arm halfway out as if you’re throwing a reverse punch – remember you’ve got to really sell this!
3. Step into a fore-balance and drop your lead hand into the groin area.

Big takeaway from this technique is that your opponent needs to believe you are going to follow through with your reverse punch. Sell it!

*Start off by doing each step separately. Eventually you will back fist and step to the side at the same time.