Technique of Week:

Back fist – Ridge Hand 🤚.

For Beginner Belts:
1. Start by throwing a back fist, then step to the side*.
2. Begin to reverse punch with your other hand, then midway shift to ridge hand while rotating your body and proceed to strike your opponent.

For Intermediates and Advanced Belts:
1. Start off by approaching your opponent with a slide-up roundhouse kick. After the kick, throw your back fist and then step to the side.
2. See step 2 above.

Remember when you are executing this move, your thumb needs to be tucked to the side of your hand. You will break your thumb if you keep it out. So remember: TUCK, TUCK, TUCK. Also, make sure to keep your elbow slightly bent to keep power and avoid unecessary injuries.

*Start off by doinng each step separately. Eventually you will back fist and step to the side at the same time.