Not at all. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
We wholeheartedly encourage people who are thinking about trying out to come watch one of our classes! We have classes every day of the week and love to see new faces.
One can never be too old to start up a new skill. We have classes for every member in the family! Our students range from young to older and we make sure to stretch properly every day so that your body can handle the work outs. Our instructors keep in mind what students are able to do at their current levels. As long as you make sure to work within your own abilities and give yourself time to recover, you will do great.
It is inevitable that you can get hurt any where. This is a fact. You can't join a martial art and expect to not get bruised or kick, however our instructors always make sure to keep the learning environment as safe as can be. Glove are off on sparring though!
There are no health requirements! We will work with you to get you into the best shape of your life. The only thing you have to do is show up to the class!
We do participate in tournaments, however they are completely optional! We hold a tournament called the Texas X Karate Championships twice a year which we highly encourage students to participate in. Other schools hold tournaments as well.
We teach American Karate and Taekwondo. Our style is traditional Martial Arts with a twist! Check out more about Excel Academy on our About page.
See the class calendar for the class schedule.
We offer a free trial week for people interested in joining but wanting to try out classes first.
See our Tuition page to learn more about pricing!
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